Thursday, May 26, 2005

Drive around Oahu

Our adventure starts today with a roadtrip in a white convertible from south Oahu along the coast on the 83 to north Oahu. First stop--Leonard's for some guava custard filled malasada...mmm. I wish I had room to post all the photos of the scenery we saw along the way but you would be scrolling forever--LOL!!!

We did, however, stop by Ohana Hawaiian BBQ for some plate lunch. Pictured to the right was my choice for lunch and I can't tell you enough how flavorful the shrimp was, creamy the macaroni salad tasted, the fish was flaky and the rice was so soft and warm. Oh--god, it was the best plate lunch I've ever had!

I found better pictures of Ohana BBQ and their food along with a more descriptive post from mmm-yoso so if you don't believe me, at least mmm-yoso might be more convincing.

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