Thursday, May 12, 2005


My last attempt to destress because I have a math final in less than 10 minutes!! BUT I've been avoiding--doing everything I could to avoid touching the subject (clean room, laundry, cook, exercise, journal, e-mail, blog, pick the lint off the carpet) and now... I must face the final exam. Here I go!

==5/14/05 5:58 p.m.===
YYIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I just finished by Environmental Science final and scored 100/100--I'm confident that I'm definitely getting an "A" in that class. I also a getting an "A" in Business Writing. I'm borderline between an "A-" or "B+" with my Math class so I'm hoping and I really don't know about my Marketing class. Probably a "B" but oh well. I did my best considering the circumstances and challenges faced this past semester. YEAH!! I am done.

Now. Monday is the start of Summer Session I. I'm taking Dance100 online...huh? How does that work?

Thank you, dang cold, for your support!!...and of course, all the little people who've helped me along the way ;)

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Dang Cold.. said...

good luck sistah!! let us know how you did. :)