Saturday, April 30, 2005

NOooOO!! Not now...

It's Saturday. I am miserable. Bloodshot

Mainly because I'm so tired from all the late nights this week. On top of my usual work, evening classes, required meetings for CSUN and campus involvement activities, and homework--I've been picking up the extra responsibilities of a group project gone solo.Oh JeezI don't want want to go into it. All I know is I'm WORKED physically, mentally, emotionally and if I was a tad religious I'd also be worked spiritually. Messy SneezeMy allergies have screwed up my sinus and now I feel achy, tired, crampy, light-headed, broken down and void from all work, no food but surviving off of Claritin. I think I'm starting to get sick Sickly although it's the last thing I need.

The hardest part of the semester is about to begin as I start studying for finals in math, marketing, environmental science and finish up a powerpoint presentation project for my business writing class which was screwed up by the group assignment which cost me time in completing my other projects Perturbed. BUT I am going to get off my Soapbox box before I pull all my hair out !! I've done so well up to now to avoid having to feel like I did last semester Pulling My Hair Outand I'm not going to stop now.WhipIt's time to get back to work . WARNING: Those who are within a throw's distance should know that I'm tired, not feeling well, stressed AND it's that time of the month should keep their distance to avoid crossing the line of fire.


Anonymous said...

Hi babe,

Your site looks great. I try to read it everyday.

I noticed you dont mention me one time on the whole site. Hmmm. Thats ok. I know you think of me..LOL. I hope. :)

Hope you feel better.

Hello Daly said...

Why thank u babe!! You're so sweet. I will post some morsels with you in mind then ;p