Friday, April 29, 2005

La de dah

Blah, blah, blah....blah...blah. Pooh-bud...

Paper WorkSorry about the incoherent babbling. Is it 5 p.m. yet??!! I'm at work and for some reason it's extremely busy today! Mainly interruptions from my various priorities because I am alone in the front office fielding calls, assisting students with questions, petitions, make-up exams, homework submissions, independent study submissions, key requests, and locating, registering, cancelling, and submitting for experiments.

Smash CopierAssisting professors with copy requests, mail requests, copier malfunctions, key requests, enrollment figures, roster requests, final exam requests, and mail delivery. All this while trying to request and submit book orders before the deadline to ensure that books are available to students for purchase prior to the start of the semester. [Deep breath] I finally accomplished some tasks of substance during the quiet hour and a half after 5.

Hmmm...must be my punishment for some bad karma. Not complaining...just wired. Must...get...some...berry berry berry good Coldstone's ice cream!!!!
Weekend 3

Shoot, I know I had a reason for starting blog. Hmmm...let me get back to this. Anyway, guess what day it is..........?? Yep! ======================>>>>>

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