Sunday, April 17, 2005

A Day in Daly's Life

So...what's happening with me? Heh..heh...if you only knew. But I will tell you this much. I'm getting use to working full-time now. Yes...I'm a working girl--WAIT, WAIT! NOT the way you're thinking. I guess in the context of Las Vegas, one could easily assume my profession. Not so. I'm working in the Psychology Department of UNLV. Still a CSUN senator for my college, involved in AMA, participant in PLCP and just recently landed a spot on the LEAD Team!

Meanwhile, the semester rolls on as I'm in the last three weeks of the semester. BUT I'm hanging in there. Then--WHAMMIE! right into the summer session.

The weather's looking B-U-T-full!! I'm going outside to hit some balls. Tennis balls that is. Now, if I can only get my congestion from allergies to make like a bee and buzz off...I might play gracefully and not choke. Later!

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