Sunday, October 31, 2004

Money's Wish List

Money's Wish List (Updated as of 11/22/2008)

1. MAC “Holiday” 4-piece brush set $35.00 at Nordstrom
2. MAC Mascara X (black) $12.00
3. MAC Select SPF 15 Foundation (NC42)
4. Gift Certificate to Sephora
5. Gift Certificate to Safeway or Fred Meyer
6. Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation make up (Golden Beige)
7. Eau de Parfum Fragrance “Romance” by Ralph Lauren

(Older wish list)
  1. My favorite colors (to wear & decorate with): Cobalt blue, burgundy, golden yellow, sage, red, cream
  2. My hobbies: Rubber stamping, crafts, read novels/magazines, outdoor travel, cook, volunteer work
  3. Favorite music artists: Kelly Clarkson, Michael Buble, Nora Jones
  4. Theme in my kitchen: Do not have a particular theme at this time.
    Theme in my living room: Don’t have a specific theme…color wise, it’s mostly neutral beige color w/ red, mushroom green
  5. I would hate to receive as gift: Candles, candies, hair products I won’t be able to use, drinking glasses, towels
  6. The one thing I would love to receive as gift: Spa gift certificate, gift certificates to my favorite stores which are:__________________________________.
  7. My favorite treats: Wine (type:_____), milk chocolate, pistachios, almonds & cashew nuts, ice cream,
  8. Knick-knacks you keep around your home: Live plants, pictures, books, wall decorations (original art work, prints), and nice hand soaps

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Anonymous said...

I would really like to receive the following items for Christmas:

spice mill (for grinding spices)
powerful hand mixer or blender
live jasmine plant or daphne plant
diamond earings

Anonymous said...

Gift certificate to Home Depot, Bed/Bath Beyond, Macy's,