Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Johnny's Wish List

My favorite colors (to wear): black, red, and white (to decorate): earth tones and red

My hobbies: Hotwheels, cycling, collecting Polynesian art (tikis), Shag stuff,

My favorite music artists: Jimmy Buffett, Armin Van Buren, Gypsy Kings

Would not want to receive as gift: A lump of coal

Would love to receive as a gift: 50's artwork, ANYTHING tiki Shag, cycling posters.

My favorite treats: Black licorice, See's candy (bordoughes), dark & milk chocolate

Knick-Knacks I keep around the house: sticky tape

Etc.: Love cycling posters and any cycling race videos avail at From the 86 TOOUR DAY FRAWNCE....LOL. it is Bernard Hinault and Greg LeMond (the American in Yellow).

Back to everyone's wish list.

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