Saturday, May 01, 2004

Chante's Wish List

2008 Wish List

EMERIL-WEDGEWOOD ultra white porcelain dishes @ Costco ($65)
AROMA 10 cup rice cooker @ Costco ($30)
OSTER 16 speed blender @ Costco ($25)
WARING PRO deep fryer @ Costco ($30)
OSTER oven w/ convection @ Costco ($50)
Massage table @ Costco ($200)
2009 Black Sundial Edition Planner (found online only)
Jewelry - whatever works! :)

Little things I would like to have but do not have time to shop for

SHEER COVER or any mineral powder make up (lt or med lt) - not picky on brands so surprise me!
colorful blush - not picky on brands
eye shadow - not picky on brands
candles and lots of it!

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Archived Wish List
  1. My favorite colors (to wear & decorate with): I will wear just about any color. To decorate I like sage green, all shades of red and bronze/mustard/tan/cream.
  2. My favorite hobbies: Before the baby arrived I liked to read (John Grisham, Koontz but nothing too scary though), crafts (stamping, decorations, etc.), paint (haven't done it in years but would like to continue one day), cook/bake and shop, shop, shop! (that is the one thing I'm STILL actively doing with Caelia). Have I mentioned golf? I like using (ONLY) Precept Ladie golf balls.
  3. My favorite music artists: Cheryl Crow, Faith Hill, Shania and just about any kind that is NOT head banging music. I really don't buy CD's because now I listen to baby music in the car. At home, I listen to whatever Sam has on.
  4. My kitchen theme: Same as #1...Grape/damask theme using sage green, reds and tan/cream colors. My kitchen is actually complete but every now and then I add a touch of a little something new to keep it updated.
  5. The theme of my living room: Same as #2...
  6. I would hate to receive as gift: Floral scented candles.
  7. The one thing you would love to receive as gift: If you must know, I would love to get jewelry now that I've got everything! I like Jade and diamond of course. Worse comes to worse, you can't go wrong w/ golf related items!
  8. My favorite treats: Red wines. I like milk chocolates w/ nuts and caramel. I also like beef jerky, nuts, Starbuck's coffee, popcorn w/ nuts (anything w/ nuts really). I am a junk food fiend. We also collect hard liquor for our future home bar.
  9. Knick-knacks I keep around my home: Colonial Homes/PartyLite/Yankee candles that are non-floral scented. I like celebrity gossip magazines -- don't ask me why!

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