Sunday, April 25, 2004

Caleb's Wish List

Caleb's Wish List (updated 11/22/2008)

1. Gift Certificate to The Children’s Place
2. Winter Coat
3. Membership to Seattle’s Pacific Science Center
4. Kustom Metal Combo Set (
5. Bubble Rocket (
6. Star Wars toy
7. Wii Remote Controller, Wii Nunchuk Controller
8. Wii games (Super Mario Galaxy, LEGO Star Wars)

Older Wish List (updated February 18, 2007)
  1. Favorite colors to wear: Right now anything goes although I like white/cream, and bright colors!
  2. Hobbies: Anything goes as far as my hobbies. I love to draw, paint, dance, talk on the phone all day if mommy lets me, watch Thomas train/George the Monkey movies, play any kind of sports, etc.
  3. Favorite Music: I lOVE to dance any kind of music.
  4. Kitchen Theme: I would love magnets for mommy's fridge because I love to be with her when she is in the kitchen. I would love to have my own cooking tools.
  5. Living Room Theme: This is mommy's territory BUT I do have my very own play room and I can have any kind of toys in it.
  6. Wouldn't Want as a gift: I don't really care for stuffed animals.
  7. Would LOVE to receive as gift: Mommy loves to shop for me @ Children's, K-Swiss, or big girls' toys.
  8. Favorite Treats: mommy and daddy would like me to eat healthy foods
  9. Knick-Knacks: I love books, lots and lots of books! I don't have a big collection of books yet but I would like to.
  10. Anything else? Mommy and daddy are going to teach me how to play golf this year. I need golf gear.

    I will be turning 2 years old this April and currently I am wearing size 2T (24 months) but come spring thru summer I may be able to wear 3T on summer dresses. Shoes I am currently wearing size 5½ INFANTbut come spring I will probably wear size 6 INFANT.

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Anonymous said...

We could use a booster seat for Caleb. Another functional gift for him is a step stool for hand washing to reach the sink.